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Drone Goal?

I bet the village footballers don’t know, but they play underneath a Drone Congregation Area, those secretive places that honeybee queens and drones meet to mate.

Do drones assemble above prehistoric sites?

Could there be a connection between the location of Drone Congregation Areas and prehistoric monuments? Vita’s Blogger has found another above an ancient earthwork.

Video of life in a Drone Congregation Area

Here’s a video of life in a Drone Congregation Area. This was my third outing to find a drone assembly and to my amazement, this third find is the best yet.

Another Drone Congregation Area! Part 3

After the success of finding my first Drone Congregation Area, I thought I’d try my luck again to find one of these secret areas, but where to look?

Drone Congregation Areas – Part 2

Three days after my first apparent discovery of a Drone Congregation Area, a fellow beekeeper and I set out to confirm what I’d seen. And we were impressed!

Is something stirring?

Having taken a long time to come into lay, the new Queen may not be for the observation hive much longer. The drones have gone, but a coup may be planned …

HopGuard approval process

The process to gain pan-European regulatory approval for Varroa control products and honeybee treatments such as HopGuard is not easy. Yesterday the regulatory team at Vita met to discuss the next stages — residue assessment.

Will she or won’t she? (She did!)

The observation hive has been in action for a few weeks now — and is as mysterious as ever. There’s a queen, a retinue, the motions of going through egg-laying, but no brood or eggs yet … UPDATE: she IS laying.

Hangout on bee diseases

Sebastian Owen has appeared in a Bee Craft Hangout (public video conference call) about bee diseases, specifically Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis. The hour-long video packs in lots of useful information. You can watch it here …


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