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Vita Bee Health is a mite control and honeybee health specialist. It is the world’s largest dedicated supplier of honey bee health products to the honey and pollination industries.

The Vita Bee Health Team

With a rigorous and ethical approach to research and development into honeybee health, Vita has no commercial interests in crop pesticides or crop breeding that may be harmful to honeybees.

With headquarters in the UK and partners across the globe, Vita researches, develops, and manufactures a range of honeybee health products. These products are marketed internationally through a network of 60 distributors in 50 countries.

Vita Bee Health products

Vita’s product range to improve honey bee health includes varroa control acaricides – Apistan®, Apiguard® and (in certain markets) VarroxSan®wax moth controlfoulbrood diagnostic kits; health-promoting feeds – VitaFeed Gold, VitaFeed Nutri, VitaFeed Patty and VitaFeed Power; and physical traps for wasps and the Asian Hornet (HiveGate) as well as for Small Hive Beetle and for varroa mites. Vita products have been registered by more than 60 veterinary authorities.

Vita promotes sustainable beekeeping through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Its treatments are designed to inhibit the build-up of resistance and wherever possible contain natural compounds and biological controls that are benign to all but the target pests.

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Vita R&D partners

Vita invests a very high proportion of its turnover in research and development. Research partners include universities such as Thessaloniki, Cardiff, Milan, Udine and Naples and institutes such as FERA Laboratories in the UK and the USDA in America. Vita’s innovative research and development work has been recognised by and has received support from the UK Government.

Vita personnel give presentations at conferences across the world and write articles for a range of publications.


New projects

As a result of its primary research of natural control agents, Vita is currently engaged in new projects exploring mite control in the agriculture, veterinary, and horticulture industries as well as public health and human allergen control.

Vita Bee Health and Vita Bee Health North America are trading names of Vita (Europe) Limited


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