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Hiving Apis florea

The dwarf honey bee needs a tiny hive and has some interesting habits that distinguish it from Apis mellifera, but it’s still a great pollinator.

The smallest honeybee?

On a trip last month I was introduced to a very tiny bee producing highly prized honey in India.

Herb farm apiary

Vita’s blogger has leapt at the opportunity to site an apiary in a 400 hectare herb farm.


Hill-topping is a mating strategy used by many insects. Could it apply to honeybees? This is an update on the Bee Craft article on Drone Congregation Areas just published.

Nosema ceranae – emergence & hope

This week Vita begins lab tests in Greece for a new treatment for Nosema ceranae, the second greatest threat to honeybees after Varroa in some countries.

Small Hive Beetle returns

This week Small Hive Beetle has been found again in southern Italy. It’s a great disappointment that the action taken last year has not been fully effective.

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