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Following the Wild Bees

Richard Rickitt reviews Thomas Seeley’s fascinating new book about how to find feral honey bee colonies.

Born to beekeep

With a surname like Mielgo, is working with bees your destiny? Vita’s new technical manager is Paulo Mielgo.

The glory of heather honey

Heather produces one of the world’s most stunning honeys. It requires special efforts, but the taste is beyond compare.

Bees and horses can mix

The new venue of the UK’s National Honey Show at Sandown Park race course was very popular.

Bee Music Live at Kew Hive

Last night saw the first live music performances inside the astonishing Hive at Kew Gardens, London.

Apiguard at work

A fraction of the results of Apiguard treatment after just three days.


The wasp who dared probably wished she hadn’t. This little nucleus doesn’t take prisoners. It bakes them!


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