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Chronic Bee Paralysis

A mystery disease, CBPV, is being reported, but a British bee farmer has developed an ingenious way to try to control it.

Recruits or volunteers?

The secrets of bees. A colony with a newly-laying queen has emerged from next to nothing.

Drone to drone

Video of a radio-controlled drone attracting honeybee drones. And it seems that it’s not an unusual sighting.

The Hive at Kew

The art and science of honeybees and pollination are celebrated in a stunning installation at Kew Gardens, London.

Stroppy bees

The herb farm is a very productive apiary, but the bees are agitated and we think there is something in the environment.

EFB Alarm Bells – tested

Vita’s Blogger tests two colonies for EFB when they are slow to build up and show spotted brood …

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