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Secrets of swarming discovered

Now that spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere, swarming looms and Vita swarm lures are being readied for action. But how do those swarms find their way to their new home?

Tale of three apiaries

Blogpost: I have three apiaries — one in a garden in a village and two on agricultural land four and six kilometres away. Guess which is striding ahead despite being the smallest starter?

The Asian Hornet threat – new video clips

See the Asian Hornet in action in SW France and the challenges of nest destruction in new short video clips released by the UK Animal Plant and Health Agency.

Ulster beekeeping conference

A few days after St Patrick’s Day, Vita attended the very successful Ulster Beekeepers Association Annual Conference in the town of Antrim where 350 bee folk had gathered to hear talks and visit trade stands.

How do bees react to a solar eclipse?

On Friday 20 March 2015, there was a solar eclipse over parts of Africa and Western Europe. But how do bees react to the phenomenon? Previous studies give some clues.

Spring buzz at Stoneleigh

Vita’s stand was very busy at Stoneleigh on Saturday when British beekeepers had their first taste of spring at the now annual Bee Tradex expo. Hot topics were the Asian hornet and the Small Hive Beetle.

Snap up a bargain at Bee Tradex

Pick up a bargain by buying the Apishield hornet trap at Bee Tradex exhibition in the UK on 7 March 2015. There will be a limited supply of traps available, so reserve yours now and avoid p&p charges!

Sebastian’s London marathon for Uganda

Sebastian Owen of Vita is enduring all sorts of British winter weather to train for the London Marathon in April. He is raising funds for projects in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Why treatment testing is so… testing

Beekeepers often wonder why some honeybee colonies have much higher levels of Varroa infestation than others in the same apiary. No two colonies are ever the same.

A wintery tale of two colonies

Contrasting debris drop of two colonies in two neighbouring apiaries in England after six days in January. There is one obvious difference, but close inspection reveals a more ominous difference.


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