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VarroxSan: Varroa Control

VarroxSan® is a natural treatment based on oxalic acid in strip form, to control varroa mite populations in honey bee colonies. VarroxSan is highly effective and very easy to apply.

Key Facts

  • Natural product, suitable for use in organic beekeeping
  • Very easy to use, single application
  • High efficiency against varroa mites
  • Use against varroa mites resistant to amitraz and pyrethroids
  • No withdrawal time
  • Very safe for users
  • Ideal partner for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes

What is VarroxSan

VarroxSan strips for treatment of varroa on a brood box

VarroxSan is a highly effective varroa control treatment, based on oxalic acid dihydrate in slow-release strips, ensuring correct dosage that covers at least three live cycles of the varroa mite. Oxalic acid is an organic compound, naturally found in many plants.

VarroxSan comes in a pack of 60 flexible strips, which can be folded to be applied over the brood frames. In many hive types, one strip of VarroxSan is recommended for every 2.5 brood frames covered with bees.

VarroxSan is well-tolerated by honey bees, with no effect on brood or adult bee population. VarroxSan does not leave any detectable residues in wax or honey, nor cause any change to the pH, moisture content or other characteristics of honey.

How to use VarroxSan for Varroa Control

VarroxSan is extremely effective against varroa mites in an easy-to-use strip presentation. To use:

  1. Select the required number of strips (1 strip for every 2.5 brood frames of bees in most hive types)
  2. Fold each flexible strip in half at the middle
  3. Insert the strips over the frames as shown
  4. Remove the strips after the full treatment period (42 – 56 days)

VarroxSan can be used at any time of year, is not temperature dependent and is equally effective across diverse hive types and hive management practices. VarroxSan leaves no detectable residues in wax or honey, and where registered may be used when supers are present during a honey flow.

How VarroxSan works – proven success

VarroxSan uses a resilient fibreboard strip, avoiding or slowing down removal by the bees, allowing the product to work well in all conditions and ensuring a high efficacy with a relatively low dose of active ingredient. Our unique impregnation system ensures that each strip contains an identical quantity of active ingredient, giving a reliable and consistent dose every time.

Across a number of studies conducted by independent laboratories and research institutes, in various geographic and climatic conditions, VarroxSan achieved an average efficacy of 96.80%.

Oxalic acid dihydrate is a contact acaricide that is lethal to varroa mites on physical contact with them. The full extent of the mode of action is not yet understood, but the low pH is known to play a key role.

More Information

VarroxSan is currently available in a limited number of markets while we undergo regulatory approval. Please contact your local distributor for further information.

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