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Hiving Apis florea

The dwarf honey bee needs a tiny hive and has some interesting habits that distinguish it from Apis mellifera, but it’s still a great pollinator.

The smallest honeybee?

On a trip last month I was introduced to a very tiny bee producing highly prized honey in India.

Herb farm apiary

Vita’s blogger has leapt at the opportunity to site an apiary in a 400 hectare herb farm.


Hill-topping is a mating strategy used by many insects. Could it apply to honeybees? This is an update on the Bee Craft article on Drone Congregation Areas just published.

Nosema ceranae – emergence & hope

This week Vita begins lab tests in Greece for a new treatment for Nosema ceranae, the second greatest threat to honeybees after Varroa in some countries.


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