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Vita has over 15 years’ experience as a dedicated global supplier of honeybee health products. Find out more about bee diseases, varroa control and other bee health products, keep up with the latest news from Vita and more.

Honey bee diseases and how to identify them

Treatments for honey bees

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Vita is represented in over 60 countries worldwide. If you are an existing distributor you can find information about Vita’s product range and how to order. If Vita are not yet represented in your country, find out how to contact us for more information.

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Learn more about the Vita Research Award, keep up with the latest news from Vita and read more about Vita’s commitment to investing in honeybee health research and development worldwide.

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Regular Vita updates on Twitter and Facebook

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Find out the latest about bee health issues from the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company.

To contact Vita’s PR:

Stephen Fleming at Palam Communications
tel: 01635 299116

Vita news releases and newsletters

About Vita Bee Health

Honey bee diseases – overview with further links

Vita’s products and treatments – overview with further links


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