Vita Bee Health Peritos mundiales en la salud de las abejas melíficas


Varroa Infographic

In the second of a series of infographics, Vita has released a free, downloadable Varroa Infographic.

2016 Vita Photo Competition

Photographers with an interest in honeybees and beekeeping are invited to enter the fifth annual Vita photo competition.

Secrets of resistant varroa revealed

New research has revealed the different gene mutations that have enabled varroa mites to become resistant to acaricides and helped explain Vita’s earlier observations.

Swarming Infographic

Vita has produced a fun seasonal infographic about swarms. It’s free and downloadable from the Vita Gallery.

2015 Vita Bee Health Initiative Award Winners

vitalogoThe Pinnacle Winner of the first Vita Honeybee Health Initiative Award is a research project run by the UK Devon Apicultural Research Group potentially involving hundreds of beekeepers as well as professional scientists investigating honeybee queen fertility.

Seven Distinction Winners have also been announced with a wide range of projects including group bee disease identification, a children’s project and a bee wellness programme.

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Vita (Europe) Ltd and Apilab in South America start working together for healthier bees

VitaApilabAt Apimondia 2015 in Daejeon, South Korea, two companies based in different hemispheres and with the common aim of promoting honeybee health have announced that they are joining forces to offer beekeepers a wider range of bee health treatments, feeds and products.

Vita (Europe) Ltd, the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company, is teaming up with Apilab, veterinary beekeeping product manufacturer active across South and Central America. Through joint marketing each company’s products can be made more widely available and there are possibilities for joint research and development activities.

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HopGuard approval process

The process to gain pan-European regulatory approval for Varroa control products and honeybee treatments such as HopGuard is not easy. Yesterday the regulatory team at Vita met to discuss the next stages — residue assessment.


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