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Wax moth control product to be superseded

Honeybee biting a wax moth

Developments are well underway to replace B401, the highly respected biological wax moth control product used by beekeepers, with a new and similar product B402. To comply with the new regulatory environment, B401 will not be available in the UK when current stocks run out. B402 is nearing completion of its development and is expected to go on sale in the USA later this year and, as soon as possible thereafter, in the UK.

Sebastian Owen, commercial director at Vita Bee Health, said, “It’s disappointing that we have had to stop supplying B401 at such short notice. The product has been on the market for many years approved under an older regulatory regime, but the changing regulatory environment requires us to submit data that is not feasible to collect at this time. We have therefore decided to focus on the development of a similar and equally effective product, B402. We expect this to be available in the USA later this year and are currently investigating the quickest regulatory routes to market for B402 in the UK.”

Like its forerunner, B402 is a preventative treatment to control wax moth. It is a biological product that is safe and environmentally friendly. Its application will be similar to that of B401 and, like its predecessor, will provide very high efficacy against wax moth.


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