Vita Bee Health Peritos mundiales en la salud de las abejas melíficas

Foulbrood kits identify the disease and help analysis of foulbrood strains

Vita Bee Health’s foulbrood diagnostic test kits are routinely used by Britain’s National Bee Unit (NBU) to give fast results in the apiary when European or American foulbrood are suspected. And their usefulness doesn’t stop there.

Positive samples are then sent to the laboratories of the British government agency Fera Science Ltd where they are further analysed to see what strains of the disease are present. The results often show quite distinct geographical distribution of specific strains.

From 4,706 European foulbrood (EFB) samples taken over nine years, 30 EFB strains have been identified in Britain (a total of 45 when other countries are included). Sixteen strains are so frequent that they are subject to intense analysis. Their distribution often shows clustering and may point to how the disease spreads. The evidence suggests that one strain in particular will quickly spread around an apiary.

All this data can help to point towards more effect treatment and management strategies.

Hiveside testing with EFB diagnostic kit — immediate results

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