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Vita Bee Health Peritos mundiales en la salud de las abejas melíficas

Going, going ..


Two WBC hives fetched £110 each.

It was auction time again in Hampshire in southern England on Saturday. The well-organised Meon Valley Beekeeping Auction drew in lots of people looking for bargains.

With more than 200 lots, there was … er … lots to choose from: from a single hive tool to colonies of bees with many oddities and home-engineered equipment along the way.

The bell-weather items were, as usual, the colonies of bees. Three colonies were offered:

on 5 brood frames with a 2015 queen: £160 plus £20 deposit on the travelling box  (total $260 or €229)

on 9 brood frames with a 2015 queen: £160 plus £20 deposit

on 5 brood frames with 4 sealed and 4 open queen cells: £130 +£20 ($187 or or €191).

Two smart looking WBCs (empty), a love it or hate it peculiarly British hive, fetched £110 each ($158 or or €140).

And the best bargain of the day? The delicious home-made soups, rolls and cakes courtesy of the ladies of Meon Valley.


A handsome home-made solar wax extractor.

Yours madam!



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