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EFB Alarm Bells – tested

Vita’s Blogger tests two colonies for EFB when they are slow to build up and show spotted brood …

Going, going ..

The annual beekeeping auction at Meon Valley attracted enthusiasts as usual. Meantime their bees probably swarmed on a warm May day.

Back on the drone trail

It’s that time of year again – time to start searching for Drone Congregation Areas.

Next Generation Beekeepers

Sebastian speaks to the next generation of beekeepers and even gives a demonstration of a waggle dance.

The queen with a surprise

I had two firsts this weekend: one routine, the other a first in two decades of beekeeping — I was stung by a queen!

A surprise at the herb farm

Vita’s blogger moves into a new herb farm apiary, but faces the challenge of an abandoned WBC hive.

First aid – Vita style

Vita is full of bright ideas 😉 Here’s how useful a promotional mini torch was to one beekeeper.


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