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Showing the various stages of comb development.

This week, Vita’s Sebastian Owen went to inspire the next generation of beekeepers  in a local pre-school.

They responded enthusiastically — especially when Sebastian gave an energetic demonstration of a ‘waggle dance’ and then the whole class had a chance to try their own version.

The youngsters were fascinated at the different ways that honey comes to arrive on their breakfast tables and how beekeepers make runny, set and comb honey.

A shiny block of pure beeswax was passed around to give them the touch and smell sensations of that prized beekeeping product, but Sebastian didn’t dare pass around a pot of honey for fear of receiving a cleaning bill from the pre-school.

Sebastian wonders how many might go on to take up beekeeping in the years to come. The way the hobby is growing in Britain, there is a very good chance that at least one will become a beekeeper.


Sebastian in a bee suit, demonstrating some of the equipment beekeepers use.



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