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Greenham Common DCA Visit 2

The Greenham Common Drone Congregation Area (DCA) does indeed seem to be 150 hectares, by far the largest I have yet discovered and, by today’s activity, the one with the most intense activity.

Two weeks ago, I looked for a DCA on Greenham Common for the first time. Expecting to have difficulty in locating the DCA in such a large area, I found it immediately at the east end and then at the west end. It seemed to stretch for more than three kilometres in length and half a kilometre wide!

So, today, I returned to test the middle – with even more dramatic results – see the video below for the most intense activity I have yet witnessed in a DCA (the video is best viewed full screen):

I suspect that just now is when drones have their maximum population size – before their numbers plummet over the next few weeks as they get booted out of the hive when colonies prepare for winter.

I would now confidently say that the Greenham DCA occupies 150 hectares, perhaps more. It seems to disappear north and south, not so much where the land falls away, but more where there are trees just before the land falls away. I wonder if it was affected as a DCA when the planes were taking off and landing not so long ago.

I then travelled just north-west of Newbury expecting to find a DCA on the hill that is occupied by Donnington Castle, but there wasn’t a sign of a single drone. I cannot really explain this as the site seems almost ideal even though it is small and does not seem to be exposed to strong breezes. This was my third failed search at Donnington Castle, so I am now convinced it’s a no-drone area. Unless of course the drones are congregating above the tower!

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