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Vita launches smartphone app about keeping healthy bees

The first-ever smartphone app about keeping healthy honeybees has been launched by Vita (Europe) Ltd, the world’s largest dedicated bee health company. The web app is free and gives beekeepers easy mobile access to information and photographs about honeybee disease identification and treatment.

The web app, suitable for nearly all smartphones and tablet devices, can be accessed free from It runs on Apple or Android, on iPhones, iPads, Samsungs and Blackberrys and the full range of smart mobiles.

Seb Owen, Commercial Development Manager at Vita who has led the development of the app, said: “Beekeepers often need information at a moment’s notice in their apiaries, so we devised this app to be used anywhere they can receive a mobile signal.

“We introduced this first-ever honeybee health smartphone app to a small number of beekeepers earlier this spring and the first reactions have been very positive indeed, so we are now ready to go fully live

“The Disease Identification section with its photographs and descriptions is already proving very useful in alerting beekeepers to potential problems – and with their smartphone they will even be able to take photographs to compare later or send to fellow beekeepers.”

The main sections of the app cover disease identification and treatment, where to buy treatments, plus sections on the very popular Vita Photo gallery, a beekeeping calendar and links to Vita’s website. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

To access the free Vita web app from your smartphone, simply use your internet browser to go to The app requires an internet connection, is not available from app stores and will not store information on your phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use an iPhone, please use the Safari browser to install the web app on your home screen.


Notes To Editors

About Vita (Europe) Ltd

Vita (Europe) Limited is a mite control and honeybee health specialist. It is the world’s largest dedicated supplier of honeybee health products to the honey and pollination industries. With a rigorous and ethical approach to research and development into honeybee health, Vita has no commercial interests in crop pesticides or crop breeding that may be harmful to honeybees.

Vita researches, develops, and manufactures a range of honeybee health products. Its headquarters are in the UK, it has offices in Italy, France and Russia, and partners across the globe.. These products are marketed internationally through a network of 60 distributors in 50 countries.

Vita’s product range to improve honeybee health includes anti-varroa acaricides – Apistan® (outside the USA/Canada) and Apiguard® – chalkbrood and wax moth controls, foulbrood diagnostic kits and health-promoting feeds. Vita products have been registered by more than 60 veterinary authorities.

Vita promotes sustainable beekeeping through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Its treatments are designed to inhibit the build-up of resistance and wherever possible contain natural compounds and biological controls that are benign to all but the target pests.

Vita invests a very high proportion of its turnover in research and development. Research partners include universities such as Cardiff, Milan, Udine and Naples and institutes such as the Tierhygienisches Institut (Institute of Animal Health) in Freiburg, Germany, the UK Central Science Laboratory and the USDA in America. Vita’s innovative research and development work has been recognised by and has received support from the UK Government.

As a result of its primary research of natural control agents, Vita is currently engaged in new projects exploring mite control in the agriculture, veterinary, and horticulture industries as well as public health and human allergen control.

See for more information.

Follow Vita as “Vita (Europe) Ltd” on Facebook and Google+ and as “@vitaeuropeltd ” on Twitter.

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  • Sean

    This is a WEB PAGE LINK! that is added to the home screen, not an App, an App is a program application that runs, not needing the Internet, it is useless with a wifi only iPad. how you call it “The first-ever smartphone app about keeping healthy honeybees”. i can only describe it as disturbing. As you try and wriggle out by then calling it a web app. Change it to web link. Before its to late.
    Sean Howes

    • seftonde

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for pointing out that technicality. I believe the first beekeeping app is/was Honeybees!, (for iPhone, iPod, iPad only), which I wrote and released in April of 2010.


      • Highland Honey

        And very good it was too! Can you update with more educational stuff? There isn’t anything out there that discusses further training – to Master Beekeeper level would be great please?

    • John

      of apps require a network connection to get the most out of them –
      some will not work at all unless connected eg most ‘satnavs’ for iPad
      etc, though often a free trial version will let you have the full
      functionality for a short period of time. Many others are pretty
      basic unless you pay for an upgrade and some are only a way of
      downloading an expensive app upgrade (in app purchase) that actually
      does something!

      a few organisations let one download a ‘web app’ ie ‘add to the home
      screen’. They are usually free. Many of these are quite good and are
      not tied to what Apple thinks an app should be like – quite
      refreshing really … amongst other things it avoids the constant
      demand to upgrade (usually to avoid adverts)! Its great that Vita is
      providing this sort of thing – who knows where it might lead. Well
      done Vita – keep up the good work!

  • David Kennedy

    This isn’t an app at all. There’s nothing to download. It’s just a web site. No use at all if you don’t have a mobile phone signal at your apiary. Please change your wrong and misleading publicity about it.

    • Sebastian Owen

      Hi David, many thanks for the feedback. Although we have used ‘app’ as shorthand for ‘web app’ a couple of times in the news release, we also make clear, twice, that an internet connection is required. The Vita Guide to Healthy Beekeeping was created from the ground up as a standalone web app and we hope it is a useful and informative resource for beekeepers around the world.

      We were also keen to get something freely available and suitable for all smartphones out there in the beekeeping community quickly, so we thought the web app would be the most appropriate way

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