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Jerry Hayes video podcast

In a wide ranging video podcast, Jerry Hayes, Vita Bee Health’s North American VP, talks to Vance Crowe.

Approximate timings:

Starts with Jerry Hayes at 5 mins 40 sec.

5.40 How Jerry moved into beekeeping and a new career

11.40 The arrival of Africanized bees in the USA. Why they have been less fiercesome in the USA than expected

21.00 Honey bees as livestock.  Do we keep bees alive or do bees use us to keep alive?

29.00 Almond pollination in California and migratory beekeeping

34.30 Colony Collapse Disorder — discovery and recovery

39.30 Varroa

44.00 Why is the public so concerned with honey bees? And how can them help them?

51.00 The amazing characteristics of honey bees

1:06:00 The challenges of working for an agribusiness

1:20:20 Working for Vita Bee Health

1:22:00 Vance Crowe and Jerry reflect further on working for an agribusiness

1:25:40 Being disciplined and good habits at work

1:33:35 Pick just one bee book?

1:35:50 Writing the Q&A the American Bee Journal for 35 years


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