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Developed over several years and thoroughly tested in field trials, Vita Feed Green and Vita Feed Gold are becoming increasingly important in strengthening honeybee immune systems in the face of the ongoing unexplained large-scale losses of honeybee colonies across the world.

Where can I buy Vita Feed Gold?
You can buy Vita feed Gold from your local supplier. Find your country’s distributor here.

How Vita Feed Green helps

Vita Feed Green helps protect against many bacteria and fungi and helps to reduce varroa and chalkbrood.

What is Vita Feed Green

Vita Feed Green is a liquid feed based on the essential oils of walnut, thyme, marjoram and wild marjoram. It stabilises the acidity (pH) of the bee gut to within the optimum range of 6.3 to 6.6, and offers wide-spectrum protection against harmful bacteria and fungi. It is also an anti-oxidant and helps reduce varroa and chalkbrood infestations.

When to use

Vita Feed Green can be used at any time of year: in spring and early summer it stimulates a sustained build-up of colonies, and in autumn it helps prepare bees for the winter.

How to use Vita Feed Green

Vita Feed Green is available in 250ml and one-litre bottles sufficient to treat 20 colonies. It should be applied as a 1% solution in sugar syrup or candy. It can be given in a single dose if the sugar feed is large enough, but it is usually more appropriate to spread the dose over several smaller daily or two-day feeds.

How To Use Vita Feed Green – instructions (PDF).

Vita Feed Green is available from the usual beekeeping suppliers and Vita distributors.

Vita Feed Green Safety Data Sheet (PDF).

See also Vita Feed Gold to stimulate colony growth and reduce Nosema spores.

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