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International teen beekeeping successes

Young beekeeper of the year at the tenth International Meeting of Young Beekeepers in Slovakia was Martin Leahy of Scotland. In tests ranging from honey tasting to grafting larvae, the fifteen-year old beat competitors from 29 teams from all over the world.  Jan Materna of the Czech Republic and Asger Deyn of Denmark came second and third respectively.

In the national team competition, the Czech Republic came first, followed by Slovakia and Germany.

But it wasn’t all serious competition. International friendships, probably for life, were made and visits in and around Banská Bystrica showed just what a beautiful and hospitable country Slovakia is.

Competitors from two countries new to IMYB received special prizes from Vita Bee Health, which is an IMYB sponsor. Laura McDowell of Australia and Rana Behery of Egypt were presented with the fabulous Honey from the Earth by Eric Tourneret.

Next year IMYB will be held in Slovenia, the home of the Carniolan bee, Apis mellifera carniola. New countries wishing to enter should contact Jiri Piza.




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