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Alex flies with 2000 honeybees

Lessons about two types of flight

7 November 2013 saw the inaugural flight of the Air Bee School and what a success it turned out to bee.

Alexandros Papachristoforou took off with 2000 bees in an observation hive in his ultralight aircraft bound for a school in the remote and beautiful area surrounding Lake Vegoritida in northwest Greece.

He arrived in bright sunshine (pause for more northerly beekeepers to mutter expletives about the weather) and saluted the 100-strong crowd of young people aged 4-12 with a low-pass flight and landing in front of the local hotel, Aitheron

The youngsters then eagerly listened to Alex’s talk about the biology of the honeybee, the structure of the colony, and the importance of bees for pollination, environmental equilibrium and biodiversity. Afterwards, they were able to taste honeys from Greece and Cyprus and get up close to watch the queens, the workers, the drones, the brood, the honey and all the fascinating contents of the hive.

The ultra-light two-seater and single-apiary aircraft

Then there was a second lesson — about aeroplanes and flight! Most of them were able to sit in an aeroplane cockpit for the first time, another thing they are unlikely to forget.

Alex said: “The reaction of the youngsters to this first “air bee-school” gives us great confidence  that these first 100 miles of our project are just the beginning of a major and very promising initiative. We plan to fly to remote corners of  Greece and with luck (and the necessary funds) to many other European countries.”

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the venture can contact Alex via .


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