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AFB and EFB kit supplies

You may have temporary difficulties in finding supplies of Vita Bee Health AFB and EFB diagnostic kits. These two types of kit have a lateral-flow component that works like a pregnancy test kit to indicate if sampled larvae have American foulbrood or European foulbrood.

Unfortunately, an essential component of the lateral flow device has been in short supply and we have therefore had a delay in the manufacture of the kits.

The kits are sophisticated devices and their composition is very specific. Although alternative components were tested, Vita was not prepared to release the resulting product because the sensitivity of the kits was not up to standard. This has been very costly for Vita and we realise there is a shortage in the market. However, we prefer users to be able to rely on the accuracy and robustness of our products — customer satisfaction is very important to us.

We have recently managed to source a limited supply of the key component. Quality control testing looks good and manufacture will be resuming shortly.

Further development of the kits is also underway.


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