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Vita celebrates its 15th anniversary

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From one product to the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health specialist in a decade and a half

Vita (Europe) Ltd, honeybee health specialist, which celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this month, is stepping up its fight to combat honeybee diseases across the world with an increasing range of products that are safe and effective and an expanding distributor network.

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Vita helps fund new research to halt honey bee killer

A major investment from public and private sector organisations is helping scientists to develop completely new ways of tackling the biggest killer of honey bees worldwide – the bloodsucking Varroa mite.

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen and the National Bee Unit, part of the Food and Environment Research Agency, have worked out how to ‘knock down’ genes in the parasitic mite causing it to die.

So far the work has only been done in the lab but now the team can take their work a step closer towards developing a product that could help beekeepers thanks to funding worth over a quarter of a million pounds from Biotechnological and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and Vita (Europe) Ltd.

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Vita gets a new home and a new home page

Vita (Europe) Ltd, the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company, has moved to new offices and launched a new-look website at as the hub of its growing online presence.

The new offices, named Vita House, are in the heart of Basingstoke in Hampshire, an English county renowned for its beekeeping heritage. The new premises give the company a lot more space, more light and an altogether better working environment. Read more…

Honeybee health research boosted by new treatment test Researchers discover the fastest and most reliable way to test varroa treatments

The fastest and most definitive way of testing the effectiveness of treatments to control the varroa mite, the scourge of honeybees, has been developed by Vita (Europe) Ltd with a team of researchers at the Aristotle University in Greece.

This new ground-breaking bioassay is reducing testing time from potentially days to hours, and it is so sensitive that it can be used to identify mites resistant to specific treatments. Relatively small adaptations should also enable it to be used with a wide range of insect pests. Read more…

Vita Research Prize 2011

Vita (Europe) Ltd is calling for applications for its 2011 Vita Research award for honeybee health research. Application information for the prize, valued at up to Euros 10,000, is available on the Vita website The closing date is 1 July 2011. Application form here. Read more…

New Vita product to attract swarms

Vita (Europe) Ltd has unveiled a new swarm attractant product this weekend at the BBKA Spring Convention. Swarming poses beekeepers all sorts of challenges and this new product is designed to help attract swarms in search of a new home. Read more…

Bee photo competition

With the continuing success of the Vita Gallery, a free photo gallery for beekeepers, honeybee health company Vita (Europe) Ltd is launching a photography competition. Anyone can submit up to three photos relating to bees or beekeeping to try to win a cash prize, while at the same time contributing to the enormously popular Gallery ( which is benefitting beekeepers across the globe. Read more…

New threat to European honeybees

A new threat to honeybees is spreading rapidly in France and may reach the UK within the next few seasons. The invading predator is the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax), and it has the power to destroy a honeybee colony within weeks. Vita (Europe) Ltd, the UK-based honeybee health company, plans to have a hornet trap ready by the end of this season.

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