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HopGuard approval process

The process to gain pan-European regulatory approval for Varroa control products and honeybee treatments such as HopGuard is not easy. Yesterday the regulatory team at Vita met to discuss the next stages — residue assessment.

Vita website goes multi-lingual

Vita’s website is now available in four of the top ten languages used on the internet: English, Russian, Spanish, and French. A separate website in Italian is also available.

Honeybee health initiatives award launched by Vita

Beekeeping associations across the world are invited to compete for a new Vita award for honeybee health initiatives. The Awards highlight the work of beekeeping groups to combat health threats to honeybees.

Vita Photo Competition Winners 2014

The overall winner of the 2014 Vita photo Competition is Boštjan Tovornik of Slovenia. Other winners have their photos in the 2015 Vita Calendar.

2013 Vita Photo Competition Winner

The winner of this year’s Vita Photo Competition is Trevor Fiddy with his image of honeybees lined up at the hive entrance apparently asking “Who’s first?”.

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