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  • Higher or lower?

    How high is a drone congregation area (DCA)? At the site of the first recorded DCA, a UAV drone takes to the air to find out.

  • Where did the DCA go? Upwards!

    From a fishing rod to a high flyer in search of a drone congregation area.

  • Tenth anniversary photo and calendar competition

    Vita Bee Health is calling for entries to its international photo competition, now celebrating its tenth year. Winning entries appear in the sought-after limited-edition calendar, which is sent to the Vita distribution network across the world. The closing date is 24 October 2021.

    Photo: Lewis Turner

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  • Look at me, I’m dancing!

    When no one is paying attention, what is a dancing worker bee to do?

  • May Thursday free bee seminars

    Free webinars on three Thursdays in May: EFB, biosecurity and Irish bee genetics

  • Changing of the guard

    Is the population change in a hive very gradual? The observation hive activity suggests not.