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Vita Photo Competition Winners 2014

Boštjan Tovornik's winning entry for the 2014 Vita Photo Competition

Boštjan Tovornik’s winning entry for the 2014 Vita Photo Competition

With entries coming from all over the world, the overall winner of the 2014 Vita photo Competition is Boštjan Tovornik of Slovenia for his picture of a line of honeybees feeding on the face of a comb.

The winning entries will appear in the Vita 2015 Calendar and be added to the Vita online Photo Gallery for beekeepers and others to use to promote honeybees and beekeeping.

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Beetle Blaster to combat new threat to European honeybees

Low-cost, green Small Hive Beetle trap now available for European beekeepers

Beetle Blaster

Beetle Blaster

Beekeepers across Europe now face the threat of a new pest, the Small Hive Beetle (SHB), but a tool to combat the pest is already available from Vita (Europe) Ltd.

The Beetle Blaster is a low cost, simple and very environmentally friendly device that can alert beekeepers to the presence of SHB and help to control its numbers. A plastic trough filled with food grade oil is inserted in the hive and SHBs present will be attracted to it as a hiding place and trapped. The beekeeper can then dispose of the trapped beetles. Since the beetles tend to first attack the periphery of a colony, the 23 cm long traps are designed to hang between outer frames in the brood box and thereby have minimal impact upon normal honeybee activity.

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The 2014 Vita international beekeeping photo competition

Beekeepers and honeybee fans are invited to enter the 2014 Vita international photo competition.

Winners’ photographs will appear in the 2015 Vita (Europe) Ltd Calendar and they will each receive a copy of the limited edition calendar. There will also be a cash prize plus beekeeping products for the best as judged by an international panel of beekeeping journalists and suppliers.

All suitable entries will also be added to the Vita Gallery, a free online resource of hundreds of honeybee-related Bee_and_bubblephotos which is used by beekeeping lecturers and associations across the globe.

Entrants can submit up to four photos (preferably each about 1mb in size) relating to honeybees or beekeeping by emailing them to gallery@vita-europe.com. Photos can be on any relevant topic: from honeybee behaviour, to beekeeping practices, foraging honeybees and honeybee produce.

The outright winner of the competition will receive a €50 cash prize, plus Vita anti-varroa products for 10 colonies. Runners-up will receive a special package of Vita products. There is also a special prize for the winner of the under-16s category.

The deadline for entries is 19 October 2014.

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Asian hornet trap launched to combat honeybee pest

Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)

Beekeepers now have a weapon to counter the Asian hornet, a new invasive honeybee pest that is threatening honeybee colonies across Europe.

ApiShield, just launched by Vita (Europe) Ltd, has been designed specifically to trap the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina). The trap doesn’t require any bait or chemicals and beekeepers can easily incorporate it into existing husbandry routines.

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2013 Vita Photo Competition Winner

The winner of this year’s Vita Photo Competition is Trevor Fiddy with his image of honeybees lined up at the hive entrance apparently asking “Who’s first?”

Overall winning photograph by Trevor Fiddy

Other winners whose photographs will appear in the Vita 2014 calendar are:

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