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Vita Gallery Photo Competition winners announced

The Vita Gallery Photo competition attracted entries from across the globe and the judges have reached their decisions. Continue reading →

New Vita product to attract swarms

Vita (Europe) Ltd has unveiled a new swarm attractant product this weekend at the BBKA Spring Convention. Swarming poses beekeepers all sorts of challenges and this new product is designed to help attract swarms in search of a new home. Continue reading →

Bee photo competition

With the continuing success of the Vita Gallery, a free photo gallery for beekeepers, honeybee health company Vita (Europe) Ltd is launching a photography competition. Anyone can submit up to three photos relating to bees or beekeeping to try to win a cash prize, while at the same time contributing to the enormously popular Gallery (www.vita-europe.com) which is benefitting beekeepers across the globe. Continue reading →

New threat to European honeybees

A new threat to honeybees is spreading rapidly in France and may reach the UK within the next few seasons. The invading predator is the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax), and it has the power to destroy a honeybee colony within weeks. Vita (Europe) Ltd, the UK-based honeybee health company, plans to have a hornet trap ready by the end of this season.

Continue reading →

Vita launches free photo library for bee presenters

Anyone giving talks about bees and beekeeping can now download images for their presentation from the Vita gallery at www.vita-europe.com. Vita (Europe) Ltd, the honeybee health specialist, has developed the free resource because of the increasing demand on beekeepers to give public talks. Continue reading →

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