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New Vita product to attract swarms

Vita (Europe) Ltd has unveiled a new swarm attractant product this weekend at the BBKA Spring Convention. Swarming poses beekeepers all sorts of challenges and this new product is designed to help attract swarms in search of a new home.

Packaged in a small sachet, the swarm attractant resembles a cleansing wipe and is impregnated with essential oils extracted from plants.  To activate, the sachet can be pierced and hung in an empty hive, skep or other suitable container, or it can be wiped over the surface of the container.

Dr Max Watkins, Director of Vita (Europe), said: “This new swarm attractant will provide a very useful tool for beekeepers. It will help to attract passing swarms, and to lure swarms temporarily hanging in trees and other awkward places into a skep or box containing the swarm attractant. It will even reduce the risks of swarms leaving the apiary if a bait hive contains the attractant. Beekeepers tend to be very resourceful and innovative, so I also expect to hear about novel uses!”

The swarm attractant will keep for about two years in a fridge and will be effective for up to 10 days once opened (depending upon the ambient temperature).

The swarm attractant will be available in the next few weeks from Vita’s distributor network and is expected to be priced at about UK£1 per sachet.

Download instructions on using Swarm Attractant here.


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