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Vita’s Blogger writes:

Storm Eunice wrecked this colony’s unusual and partially underground home, but they are now rehoused and looking remarkably strong after their ordeal. All they need now is a boost from VitaFeed.

First inspection of the colony after being reported by startled chain-saw operators removing the storm-damaged tree.
At first it looked like a small colony, recently moved in, as indicated by the new comb.
But as the nest was excavated, its size became clear. And there were many more bees than expected.
There was just a little brood as it was so early in the year but still some stores, so the best comb was rescued and cut to size for fixing in the frames.
The bees were clinging to much of the broken wood, so that became a temporary part of their home. It was much too cold to try to disturb them. They were remarkably well behaved.
The bees and the best comb ready for a move to a new home. To the left is the large cavity, some of it below ground, that the bees had been occupying.
Rehoming a colony after Storm Eunice wrecks their home.
A new home, beneath another tree. The following day was warmer, the scraps of wood vould be removed and the bees had started investigating and foraging in their new territory.


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