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Drone Congregation Areas 2016 – roundup

To coincide with an article on Drone Congregation Areas to appear in the Bee Craft November 2016 issue, here is a small selection of videos of drones in action and below that a series of links telling of my searches for DCAs over the past two seasons.

1 July 2015 In search of a mate

2 July 2015 Drone Congregation Areas

7 July 2015 Another Drone Congregation Area

20 July 2015 Video of Life in a Drone Congregation Area

28 July 2015 Do drones assemble above prehistoric sites?

3 August 2015 Drone Goal?

10 August 2015 Rediscovering the first recorded Drone Congregation Area

8 September 2015 In search of a Drone Congregation Area SatNav

27 October 2015 Hilltopping

4 July 2016 Greenham Common DCA first visit

16 July 2016 Greenham Common – finding the extent of the DCA

25 July 2016 Drone to Drone

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