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Vita (Europe) Ltd and Apilab in South America start working together for healthier bees

VitaApilabAt Apimondia 2015 in Daejeon, South Korea, two companies based in different hemispheres and with the common aim of promoting honeybee health have announced that they are joining forces to offer beekeepers a wider range of bee health treatments, feeds and products.

Vita (Europe) Ltd, the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company, is teaming up with Apilab, veterinary beekeeping product manufacturer active across South and Central America. Through joint marketing each company’s products can be made more widely available and there are possibilities for joint research and development activities.

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2015 Vita international honeybee and beekeeping photo competition

calendarThe fourth annual Vita photo competition is now open for entries to anyone with an interest in beekeeping or honeybees.

Winners’ photographs will appear in the 2016 Vita (Europe) Ltd Calendar and they will each receive a copy of the limited edition calendar. There will also be a cash prize plus beekeeping products for the best as judged by an international panel of beekeeping journalists and suppliers.

All suitable entries will also be added to the Vita Gallery, a free online resource of more than 600 honeybee-related photos which is used by beekeeping lecturers and associations across the globe.

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HopGuard approval process

HopGuard TestAt Vita’s offices yesterday, Max, Alexandra and Zahir met to discuss the next stages in the process to achieve pan-European approval for HopGuard, a varroa control treatment.

One of the next steps is residue assessment: when applied how much, if any, Hopguard will find its way into wax and honey.

To be able to assess residues accurately, a benchmarking test must be performed by independent laboratory.  they take samples of wax and honey and impregnate them separately with known amounts of Hopguard.

The laboratory then measures the amount of Hopguard that can be detected in the samples. This measurement then provides the benchmark for subsequent field tests.

Here, Max is pictured taking some comb with honey (from a bell jar) to send to the testing laboratory.

This is just one of the many tests that a regulated treatment such as Hopguard must undergo.

The process is quite expensive, but when approvals are granted it does give beekeepers the assurance that they are dealing with a thoroughly tested and safe treatment.

Chart your honeybee season with Vita’s free infographic

A completed My Beekeeping Year

A completed My Beekeeping Year

A customisable infographic for beekeepers to record their honeybee season is now available for download from the website of Vita (Europe) Ltd, the honeybee health specialist.

My Beekeeping Year is a fun, A4-sized seasonal chart for beekeepers to note down memorable events during their beekeeping year. Anyone can register for free to download it here: (Existing users of the Vita Photo Gallery need not re-register.)

“As we travel around beekeeping countries, we frequently hear beekeepers speak of the strangest season or the biggest or the smallest harvest they’ve ever experienced. But seasons merge into one another and it’s difficult to keep track of what happened when”, said Sebastian Owen, Commercial Development Manager of Vita.  “So we are providing a simple, fun way for beekeepers to record each year and look back over the past to recall each season.”

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Vita website goes multi-lingual

VitalanguagesBuzz … жужжание … Zumbido … Bourdonnent … and even Ronzio!

Vita website goes multi-lingual in four of the top ten internet languages

To meet the growing global demand for information about products to tackle honeybee diseases, the website of Vita (Europe) Ltd is now available in four of the top ten languages used on the internet: English, Russian, Spanish, and French. A separate website in Italian is also available.

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