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Where did the DCA go? Upwards!

Those who have followed the drone congregation area (DCA) hunts of Vita’s blogger over the past few years may have been surprised that the DCAs can be found at only five metres above ground. But this year it hasn’t been so easy to find them with a lure on an extendable fishing rod. Where are the drones congregating hoping to mate with the queen?

Vita’s blogger takes up the story:

On several occasions, the drones did not appear at the five-metre-high lure on days that appeared suitable. I tended to blame the lack of breeze/thermal which is a crucial element, probably because it helps the drones in the precision flying necessary to mate on the wing with a queen. Perhaps the hotter temperatures were having an effect. But I wasn’t convinced. Listening very carefully, it was possible to imagine that there were drones around, perhaps higher up.

Raising the lure higher above the ground poses difficulties of course. But then there are those newly available and affordable remote-control drones.

So, having had an unsuccessful search at one site, I returned armed with extendable fishing rod and radio-controlled drone.

The fishing rod eventually attracted two drones — but on the same site a couple of weeks ago it had attracted fifty or more. So the lure went on the radio-controlled drone and this is what I saw:


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