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Asian hornet adapts in Galicia?

The Asian Hornet, first seen in in Galicia in NW Spain in 2012, now appears to be active in winter, according to this report in Vida Apicola.

Asian Hornet. Picture courtesy: C Villemant, A Perrard, Q Rome, O Gargominy, J Hazaire, E Darrouzet & A Rortais.

Winter activity has not been reported elsewhere in Europe and is puzzling local beekeepers. It is hornets near the Galician coast that seem to be active — probably because of the milder climate.

As yet bee colonies in Galicia are not under constant attack– but the hornet is taking a toll in Northern Portugal.

The local beekeeping associations are asking beekeepers not to destroy hornet nests unless they are certain they are Asian hornets. By destroying native hornet nests by nistake they may make the spread of the Asian hornet easier.

Forecasts suggest that the Asian Hornet, which was first observed in Spain on the French border in 2010, will have colonised all of Iberia by 2024.


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