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Foulbrood diagnostic kits now available in the USA

American beekeepers can now obtain Vita’s low-cost foulbrood diagnostic test kits – but not through the usual channels.

The kits can now be obtained by groups of beekeepers, bee inspectors, vets or university researchers for investigatory or research purposes. Just email for details.

The American and European foulbrood (AFB and EFB) diagnostic kits, which work like pregnancy test kits, give results in seconds and so are very suitable for use in apiaries by beekeepers and bee inspectors. The two separate low-cost kits can give valuable early warnings of AFB and EFB and therefore help prevent the spread of disease.

The kits are already in use in 60 countries across the world by beekeepers and official bodies. Unfortunately registration costs in the USA would make the end cost of the devices expensive for American beekeepers, so they cannot be supplied through the usual channels.

However, Vita has discovered a perfectly legal and acceptable way to make the kits available to groups involved in beekeeping. All a group has to do is apply for a simple import licence – Vita can help groups do this and can then supply the kits direct to a group.

Just email for details.

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