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AFB and EFB kit supplies

Why there are temporary difficulties in finding supplies of Vita Bee Health AFB and EFB diagnostic kits

Preparing for 2019 IMYB

This town is in for a pleasant beekeeping surprise soon. 2019 IMYB is coming!

Varroa does have a heart

The discovery of varroa’s heart is expected to help in the development of new control treatments.

What’s up?

Why are the bees clinging to the wall? Perhaps there’s something behind it …


Time to clean your smoker? What fuels keep it cleanest? And how do you clean out the gunk?

Early signs of varroa

An early season varroa alert. Vita’s Blogger tests for an alarming over-wintering increase of varroa.

Bee Gym update

Stuart Roweth, inventor of the Bee Gym, updates on his latest thinking.


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