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The Asian Hornet threat – new video clips

New short video clips released by the UK Animal Plant and Health Agency show the Asian Hornet in action in SW France and the challenges of nest destruction.

The final video from Vita shows Max Watkin demonstrating the Vita Apishield hornet trap to protect individual hives.

Here is an Asian Hornet patrolling or “hawking” a hive (in Andernos-les-Bains, South West France) and then carrying off a honeybee.


A close-up of the Asian Hornet showing its distinctive yellow-tipped legs, orange face, dark brown abdomen and yellow/orange band on the 4th abdominal segment.


And the challenges of finding and destroying nests. The Animal Plant and Health Agency says the destruction was done later than the advised time of dawn to allow filming to take place. A extendable rod enables the nest to be filled with sulphur dioxide to kill the wasps. The nest is then taken down.


The Vita ApiShield protects individual hives. In this Vita video, Max Watkins demonstrates its use:


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