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The queenlessness mystery becomes clearer

IMG_4994The queenless observation hive is working hard to become queenright. Here’s one queen cell being created, but I bet there are others!

Meanwhile, the mystery of the queenlessnes seems to be becoming clearer. (See the previous blogpost for the full mystery.

My neighbour has just informed me that just over one week ago he’d noticed bees clustering around the tube entrance of the hive late one evening. That is unusual. It was warm, but not that warm and the end of the tube is about 60cm from the hive itself. So it was hardly to alleviate the heat.

It would seem that that’s the day the queen left on her mating flight. I guess that the bees waited outside for her until late in the evening, but she never returned.

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows

Meantime, the observation hive glass is being cleaned up after a messy bee left propolis all over the glass!

Turlough, Vita’s Guest Beekeeper Blogger


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