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Free Asian hornet infographic

Asian hornet infographic

Asian hornet infographic – go to Vita Gallery to download

Vita Bee Health has released an infographic about the Asian hornet – it’s free to download from the Vita Gallery.

Sebastian Owen of Vita (Europe) Ltd said, “The aim of the infographic is to inform beekeepers about the Asian hornet’s life cycle, what to look out for and how to help honey bees defend against it. It’s a free resource for beekeepers and others to download and disseminate.”

Previous Vita infographics have focused on swarming and varroa. These can also be downloaded for free from the Vita gallery which also has lots of other useful images, videos and tips. See www.vita-europe.com/beehealth/gallery

Go to the Vita Gallery to download the Asian Hornet Infographic

The Road to Registration

Have you ever considered what goes into the development and registration of a Vita product for honey bees? It’s probably a lot more than you ever realised.

Courtesy of Bee Craft, Britain’s top-selling beekeeping magazine, here’s an article by Sebastian Owen of Vita telling of some of the trials and tribulations of attempting to have a product authorised. It’s all worth while though as purchasers can be assured of a safe, quality product that has been proven to work.

Read Sebastian’s article here.

Solar Eclipse

Today, there is a total eclipse of the sun at various times right across the USA from Oregon to South Carolina.

How will bees react? Please tell us of your observations. Email info@vita-europe.com

Here are some reports of earlier eclipses that we reported on in 2015.


Returning bees during the eclipse from “Don the Fat Bee Man”:

and from RankinetotheRescue

New Twitter and Facebook handles

You may have noticed today’s change in our Facebook handle. Now it’s @VitaBeeHealth and www.facebook.com/VitaBeeHealth/

Over on Twitter, it’s @VitaBeeHealth too.

No followers should be affected – new followers should look for the new handles.

Vita’s first Basingstoke allotment harvest

Paulo Mielgo, with the first pot of honey from the new apiary

Despite opening its trials apiary in a Basingstoke allotment late this season, Vita has harvested a crop. Well, actually it’s two Basingstoke beekeepers who have done the harvesting.

Derek Western, one of the Basingstoke beekeepers, said: “I wasn’t expecting any harvest this year, but we were surprised by one colony. Next year should see a lot more as all colonies will have had a chance to build up and forage for a full season.

“Interestingly, there’s a marked difference between honey from the Vita Apiary and that harvested from my own apiary on a nearby allotment, even though they are only one mile apart. The Vita apiary honey is  light and floral honey with an aftertaste of lime.”

Paulo Mielgo, Vita’s apiarist is sharing the jars amongst the team.

Paulo in the Vita apiary in Basingstoke

Derek Western at his apiary in Basingstoke town centre




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