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Looking for a Zoom speaker?

Vita Bee Health is working as much as ever during the lockdown despite the pandemic travel restrictions. And  you can still have a Vita speaker present to your group – via Zoom of course, and free of charge.

Sebastian Owen of Vita has been giving very well-received talks recently – even in the Caribbean, virtually of course.

On 11 February he will present to the Bee Squad at the University of Maryland – at 7pm EST (midnight GMT). You can register for that one here.

But if you would like a talk at a time more suitable to your country, email to make your request. A very popular talk at the moment is: Nutrition – it isn’t all about the sugar, honey.

Email to find out more.

Vita at the virtual 2020 National Honey Show

Drone congregation areas revisited – podcast


Chris Park and Patrick Randall of the Living Beeing podcast

Vita’s blogger has had a long time interest in drone congregation areas (DCAs) and has reported some of his thoughts and findings on this blog.

A new podcast series, Living Beeing, asked to interview with him, so he invited them along to Selborne Common, in Hampshire, England, to the location of the first documented evidence of a DCA by the Rev Gilbert White, the pioneering 18th century naturalist.

It was a perfect afternoon, just one day before the 300th anniversary of the Rev White’s birth. Perhaps the drones realised that and put on a stunning performance — even before a queen pheromone lure was hoisted — buzzing loudly at the same spot that White had reported his mysterious finding in 1792, in the last year of his life. He never knew what the sound was — but we do now.

The podcast is here.

And some videos of DCAs are here.

Pollen varies in quality

Here’s a selection of pollens gathered by bees in southern England in May 2020.

The yellow is oilseed rape (canola).

Brick red is horse chestnut.

Blue is phacelia (grown for game birds).

That’s quite a selection, but all pollen isn’t of the same quality. And it does deteriorate over time.

But whatever the season there is sustenance for bees from Vita:

VitaFeed Nutri

VitaFeed Power.



World’s video wiki features Vita

The world’s video wiki,, has featured Vita Bee Health’s contribution to honey bee health and conservation.

Its special video page contains lots of interesting bee facts, a TedX video talk by Elaine Evans and an anaylsis of how a bee becomes a queen.

And did you know there is a group of Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs? Follow the link  to find out


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