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Woodborough Hill - the mysterious Treasure Island

Woodborough Hill – the mysterious Treasure Island

Did the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers find a drone congregation area (DCA)?

Video coming soon.

Woodborough Hill, sometimes known as Treasure Island, in the Vale of Pewsey is a mysterious place! Twenty-five years ago, a group of midnight UFO spotters were terrified when they reported a craft “80-100 feet (30m) wide”. They flashed at it – it flashed back! Two years later, another group heard what they interpreted as the sound of a ghostly hunt – hunting horn sounds and all!

Well, they did indeed find a DCA. It was still at first and the queen pheromone lure on the end of a fishing rod was attracting nothing. But then a breeze sprang up – and the noise of drones was clearly to be heard, though nothing could be seen!

With eyes looking skyward, they appeared – not huge numbers, but very convincing.

The drones even chased small objects thinking they were queens on the wing.


Eyes up!

Keep watching this url for more photos and the video currently being edited!

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