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At the UK National Honey Show

Judges putting their tasting skills to the test at the UK's national Honey Show.

Judges putting their tasting skills to the test at the UK’s national Honey Show.

On a fleeting visit to the UK’s National Honey Show today to hear a lecture on honeybee mating by Juliana Rangel of Texas A&M University, Vita’s Guest Beekeeper Blogger learned some fascinating new things:

Firstly, he discovered he might be called a Drone Congregation Area Whisperer! There’s a certain buzz to that title.

Secondly, 50% of honeybee queens take just one mating flight; 45% take two flights and the remainder take three or more. A very few take lots and lots! I suspect there will be a name for them soon.

Thirdly, after the lecture talking to a beekeeper from the island of Jersey, there’s a Drone Congregation Area (DCA) above his friend’s house and it seems to offer great potential to find DCAs in a very well-defined territory.

Vita’s Blogger will be back tomorrow to learn lots more.




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