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  • The Vita Bee Health timeline

    Take a scroll through Vita’s twenty years to see the emergence of Vita Bee Health.

  • ApiShield defence against the Asian hornet

    ApiShield Asian hornet trap

    Following a sighting of an Asian hornet and the discovery of a nest in Devon, England, this week, British beekeepers are being urged to be on the alert for the invasive and destructive insect. ApiShield, an easily fitted and low-maintenance trap from Vita Bee Health, not only protects honey bee colonies from Asian hornet attack, but it also acts as an early warning of the Asian hornet’s arrival in an area.

    The Asian hornet is native to China but arrived in a pottery consignment in Bordeaux, France in 2004. Since then the Asian hornets have spread at about 75 km per year across Europe, killing off many honey bee colonies and other native insect pollinators which have no defences to cope with the new predator.

    ApiShield, Vita’s patented Asian hornet trap, has been rigorously tested in France and Greece and fools hornets and wasps attacking honey bee colonies into using unguarded underfloor ‘entrances’ not used by the colony’s honey bees. Beekeepers simply inspect the trapped dead and dying predators and look particularly for the Asian hornet.

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  • Free Asian hornet infographic

    Know your bees’ enemy! Free download – an infographic on the Asian hornet.

  • After 20 years, it’s Vita Bee Health

    On its twentieth anniversary, the honey bee operations of Vita (Europe) Ltd will be known as Vita Bee Health. The new name – with new logo – emphasises the company’s ongoing commitment to beekeeping and healthy honey bee populations.

    Launched in 1997 with a single product, Vita is now the world’s leading dedicated honeybee health specialist with a range of products, subsidiaries in Italy and Russia, and an extensive global distribution network.

    Jeremy Owen, sales director, recalled: “Back in 1997, some thought that setting up a company dedicated to honeybee health with only one product – Apistan – was, to put it politely, a considerable risk.  However, my fellow director, Max Watkins, and I felt strongly that there was a need for healthy honey bees that would not be diminishing. Beekeepers were very supportive of our aims and, I’m grateful to say, still are.”

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  • The Road to Registration

    Have you ever considered what goes into the development of a Vita product? It’s probably a lot more than you ever realised.

  • Solar Eclipse

    How will bees react to the total eclipse of the sun across the USA today?

  • Pollen-rich diets help combat varroa

    New research shows how “social immunity” of bees to varroa infestations is boosted by pollen-rich diets.