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    Jerry Hayes of Vita Bee Health North America talks about bees and careers with Vance Crowe

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    A fascinating new book about the Asian hornet has just been published revealing latest findings about the invader.

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    Why there are temporary difficulties in finding supplies of Vita Bee Health AFB and EFB diagnostic kits

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    This town is in for a pleasant beekeeping surprise soon. 2019 IMYB is coming!

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    The discovery of varroa’s heart is expected to help in the development of new control treatments.

  • What’s up?

    Why are the bees clinging to the wall? Perhaps there’s something behind it …

  • Smokin’

    Time to clean your smoker? What fuels keep it cleanest? And how do you clean out the gunk?

  • Using and trialing the Bee Gym

    Stuart Roweth explains using and trialing the Bee Gym, the chemical-free varroa grooming aid.