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  • Causes of high Canadian winter losses

    Losses of 50% have been reported by some beekeepers in the key beekeeping province of Alberta and up to 90% in Manitoba. What’s the cause?

  • HiveGate, a wasp-protection entrance with far-reaching benefits

    A simple, low-cost adjustment to any honey bee hive entrance helps bees protect against wasps (yellow jackets), robber bees and other would-be intruders. By creating a tunnel from the entrance of the hive to beneath the cluster, HiveGate not only confuses intruders, it also seems to help bees to regulate the temperature and humidity of their nest much more precisely, thereby potentially boosting their health and productivity.

    Wasp being attacked at HiveGate entrance protecting colony


  • Rescued

    A colony, partially underground in the base of a willow tree, is rescued and rehoused

  • Photo competition winners 2021

    This year’s overall winner of the Vita Bee Health international photographic competition is Vincent Hakzimana of Rwanda for his photograph of a hand-held swarm showing pollen glistening from the pollen baskets of the bees.

    Photo by Vincent Hakzimana of Rwanda

    Featured photographers – in calendar month order – are:

    Jan  Ainars Millers

    Feb  Grace Madden

    Mar  Lewis Turner

    Apr  Holli Kircher

    May  Richard Cherry

    Jun  Peter Jones

    Jul  Dave Charnley

    Aug  Grace Madden

    Sep  Karen Rennie

    Oct   Ainars Millers

    Nov  Vincent Hakzimana

    Dec  Simon White

    Sebastian Owen, commercial director of Vita Bee Health, said, “As ever, the photo competition has highlighted the diversity of beekeeping across the world. The 2022 calendar shows that clearly as Vita prepare to celebrate its 25th anniversary researching, developing and producing products to help beekeepers across the world keep their honey bees healthy and productive. 

    “We warmly thank everyone who entered and the judging panel. Please feel free to download the pdf of the calendar.”

    Winners will shortly be receiving the beautifully printed limited-edition desk calendars.

    High-resolution pdf 2022 Vita Bee Health calendar

  • Higher or lower?

    How high is a drone congregation area (DCA)? At the site of the first recorded DCA, a UAV drone takes to the air to find out.