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Omnicutis: Healthy Skin Support


Omnicutis is broad spectrum nutritional supplement developed to support healthy skin.

Highest level of the most effective Omega 3 fatty acids combined with all the nutrients required for skin maintenance.

Contains 7 natural ingredients all proven to be most beneficial for the skin including Zinc and Vitamin A.


Liquid (per 3ml)

  • Omega 3 – EPA  354mg
  • Omega 3 – DHA 231mg
  • Zinc 14.4mg
  • Vitamin E 25.5IU
  • Vitamin C 9mg
  • Vitamin A 900IU
  • Sulphar (MSM) 210mg


  • Omega 3 – EPA  107mg
  • Omega 3 – DHA 871mg
  • Zinc 7.2mg
  • Vitamin E 5.7IU
  • Vitamin C 6.3mg
  • Vitamin A 1500IU
  • Sulphar (Biotin) 20ug

Indications for Use

Maintaining healthy levels of essential fatty acids and Vitamin A in the skin

Maintaining healthy levels of Zinc

Maintaining a strong and shiny coat

Instructions for Use

3ml per 10kg once daily

1 capsule per 10kg once daily

Can be given with or without food

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