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Omnicondro: Complete Joint Support


Omnicondro is a multi-component nutritional supplement specifically formulated for all aspects of joint support.

Fast-acting with Harpago and Urtica herbal extracts to support the naturally inflammatory system.

Highest level of the purest forms of Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as Vitamin E & C as antioxidants.


  • Glucosamine 1000mg
  • Chrondroitin 535mg
  • Vitamin C 140mg
  • Vitamin E 60mg
  • Harpago 40mg
  • Urtica 89mg
  • Zinc Methionate 24mg
  • Copper Methionate 4.63mg
  • Magnesium Methionate 37.5mg
  • Sodium Selenite 30mg

Indications for Use

Maintenance of articular cartilage and arthrosis

Support during old age, intense exercise or excess weight

Supports joints during post traumatic incidents such as surgery

Growing animals for healthy joints

Supports joint health in large, fast growing breeds or those predisposed to joint related conditions

Instructions for Use

Omnicondro 20

Loading – One Tablet Per 20kg

Maintenance – Half a Tablet Per 20kg

Omnicondro 10

One Tablet per 10kg

Tablets can easily be split into quarters as required

Give tablets once daily with or without food

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