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  • VitaFeed Nutri field trials

    Vita’s new protein supplement has been found to increase honey production by up to 18%.

  • Spot the queenless colony

    First inspection of the year. But one colony was queenless. Which one?

  • It was going to happen one day

    I knew it was going to happen one day – and that day came last night after more than twenty years.

  • Turlough’s confession time

    Vita’s blogger is rather ashamed at what he didn’t do to his observation hive last autumn. Here’s what has happened.

  • Buzzing at Bee Tradex

    Top topics at Vita’s stand at Bee Tradex 2017 were the Bee Gym, the Asian hornet trap and new Healthy Bees Flip Cards.

  • VitaFeed Nutri boosts honey bee health and production

    VitaFeed Nutri Label ExcerptA new feed for honey bees from honey bee health specialist Vita (Europe) Ltd will help boost colony health and increase honey production. VitaFeed Nutri is a rigorously tested, GMO-free nutritional supplement that can be used at almost any time of year to promote controlled colony growth.

    Packed with easily digestible proteins, VitaFeed Nutri can make up for nutritional deficiencies in honey bees’ diet, thereby stimulating egg-laying, extending bees’ lifespans and ultimately increasing honey production.

    Dr Max Watkins, technical director of Vita (Europe), explained “Honey bees need protein, but not all pollen has the same protein content. VitaFeed Nutri ensures that bees have sufficient protein to enable healthier colony development and thereby increased honey production. The year-round suitability and simplicity of applying the feed in syrup make it an ideal product for any beekeeper wanting to keep healthier and more productive bees.”

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  • Bee Gym varroa grooming aid

    A New Year resolution for bees – use the Gym!

    Bee Gym helps bees control their number-one enemy, the varroa mite

    BeeGymBeekeepers can help their bees control their greatest enemy, the varroa mite, by giving them a Bee Gym, supplied by honey bee health specialists Vita (Europe) Ltd.

    The Bee Gym provides a low-cost, chemical-free and sustainable way of helping honeybees groom themselves to get rid of varroa mites.

    The Bee Gym is a simple device that is placed inside any hive to encourage bees to groom varroa mites off their bodies. It has wires, flippers and scrapers on its small (11 cm by 11 cm) plastic frame that bees voluntarily rub their backs and abdomens against to groom themselves of varroa mites. The mites then fall through a normal varroa mesh floor onto a sticky insert or to the ground from where the varroa mites cannot jump back into the hive. The sticky insert should be regularly refreshed and the Gym should regularly be cleaned with washing soda.

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