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  • Apiguard at work

    A fraction of the results of Apiguard treatment after just three days.

  • Call in the propolis!

    The bees objected to the gap between two supers.

  • VitaFeed Gold no longer available in the UK

    Vita-Feed-GoldVitaFeed Gold, Vita (Europe) Ltd’s product to stimulate the development of honey bee colonies, will no longer be available in the UK and Germany for economic reasons. It is still available in many other countries.

    A recent decision by the British Veterinary Medical Directorate means that VitaFeed Gold must undergo the full regulatory process. While Vita is very supportive of regulatory controls of products and treatments for bees, the cost of the documentation and research required to gain regulatory approval for this particular product is uneconomic.

    Technical Director, Dr Max Watkins explained: “Sadly, we have had to take a decision to cease sales of VitaFeed Gold in the UK for economic reasons. While the product has been very successful in strengthening honey bee colonies and is praised by many beekeepers, the cost of putting it through the regulatory process would mean that we would have to raise the product price to levels which we believe would not be acceptable to beekeepers. With regret, we have therefore decided to withdraw the product from the UK market. It is however available in many other countries.”

    All other Vita products, including Apiguard and Apistan varroa treatments, remain unaffected because they already have regulatory approval where required.

  • Wasps!

    The wasp who dared probably wished she hadn’t. This little nucleus doesn’t take prisoners. It bakes them!

  • Chronic Bee Paralysis

    A mystery disease, CBPV, is being reported, but a British bee farmer has developed an ingenious way to try to control it.

  • Where would you like to keep bees?

    What a great game: Googleguessr. Where in the world is it? And you can ponder if you’d like to keep bees there.

  • Recruits or volunteers?

    The secrets of bees. A colony with a newly-laying queen has emerged from next to nothing.

  • First varroa treatment approved for use in Australia

    Apiguard-2-sachetsApiguard, the organically-approved varroa control treatment from Vita (Europe) Ltd, has just been approved for use in Australia. It is the first varroa control product to be approved by the Australian authorities.

    Based on thymol and delivered in a slow-release gel, Apiguard is extremely easy to use and very effective in controlling varroa populations. It is a proven worldwide success, has been through a rigorous authorisation process and is successfully used in up to 60 countries across the globe.

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  • Drone to drone

    Video of a radio-controlled drone attracting honeybee drones. And it seems that it’s not an unusual sighting.

  • Varroa Infographic

    In the second of a series of infographics, Vita has released a free, downloadable Varroa Infographic.