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  • What Rev Gilbert White heard?

    To celebrate the 225-year anniversary of Gilbert White hearing a drone congregation area, we revisit Selborne Common to listen again.

  • Test apiary on Vita’s doorstep

    The test apiary in a secluded part of the allotment

    With the help of local beekeepers, Vita (Europe) Ltd has opened a test apiary near its Basingstoke headquarters to complement its other test apiaries across the world.

    The apiary, on a large allotment (community garden plots for fruit and vegetables) within easy foraging distance of Vita’s offices, will be managed by some beekeepers from Basingstoke and Paulo Mielgo, Vita’s technical manager.

    The Basingstoke beekeepers, who are experienced in allotment beekeeping, have constructed an apiary perimeter fence, for security and to ensure that the bees fly well above head height on foraging trips, as well as a small apiary shed to hold beekeeping essentials.

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  • VitaFeed Nutri field trials

    Vita’s new protein supplement has been found to increase honey production by up to 18%.

  • Spot the queenless colony

    First inspection of the year. But one colony was queenless. Which one?

  • It was going to happen one day

    I knew it was going to happen one day – and that day came last night after more than twenty years.

  • Turlough’s confession time

    Vita’s blogger is rather ashamed at what he didn’t do to his observation hive last autumn. Here’s what has happened.