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Vita (Europe) Ltd: the world’s largest dedicated honeybee health company.

Vita researches, develops, manufactures and markets a range of honeybee health treatments and products worldwide. Vita has distributors in over 60 countries and a product range that includes Apistan and Apiguard for Varroa control; enhanced liquid feed Vita Feed GoldAFB and EFB Diagnostic Kits; ApiShield wasp and hornet protection; Beetle Blaster SHB trap;  Swarm Attractant and B401. With a rigorous and ethical approach to research and development into honeybee health, Vita has no commercial interests in crop pesticides or crop breeding that may be harmful to honeybees.

Beetle Blaster in place
Beetle Blaster to combat new threat to European honeybees

Beekeepers across Europe now face the threat of a new pest, the Small Hive Beetle, but a new tool to combat the pest is already available from Vita.

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Job vacancy: Technical Manager

Vita is looking for an experienced Technical Manager to lead our research & development, regulatory, manufacturing and technical marketing activities on a day-to-day basis.

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Asian Hornet Head
Timely alert on Asian hornets

With leaves falling and exposing Asian hornet nests high in the tree canopy, Southern French beekeepers say that the next two weeks is the time to destroy the nests.

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